Florida Cannabis Attorney Sally Peebles Will Discuss the Potential Impact of Cannabis Legalization in Florida with Rootwurks

May 15, 2024

In April, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that it would not block a ballot initiative to legalize adult-use cannabis, leaving it up to voters to decide in November if they’ll approve a regulated legal cannabis market for the Sunshine State. But what will Florida’s legalization initiative allow and what would it mean for the cannabis industry if the country’s fourth-largest state approves adult-use legalization?

In this upcoming Rootwurks webinar on May 21 at 12 p.m. CT, Vicente LLP Florida-based partner Sally Kent Peebles and Lauren Niehaus, the Executive Director of Government Relations at Trulieve, will discuss the campaign to legalize cannabis in Florida, what legalization could look like in the state, and what impact legalization in Florida would have on the cannabis industry and marijuana consumers across the country.

Viewers will gain expert insight on:

  • What the Smart and Safe Florida campaign wants for legalization
  • How likely Florida is to reach 60% for legalization
  • What type of work the legalization campaign has required in Florida
  • How involved the cannabis industry has been in funding the legalization campaign
  • How big the legal cannabis industry could be in Florida
  • What impact legalization could have on the economy of Florida and the wider South
  • What legalization in Florida would mean for the cannabis industry as a whole
  • Which areas of the state are likely to opt out of retail sales
  • What legalization could mean for tourism in Florida
  • Are smaller cannabis companies likely to be able to get a large stake of the market or will it mainly be dominated by multi-state operators
  • How easy will it be for medical cannabis companies to pivot to recreational
  • What part do social equity measures play in the proposal?
  • What adult-use cannabis regulatory guidelines will look like in Florida

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