Vicente LLP Federal and International Cannabis and Psychedelics Law and Policy Update: November 2023

Nov 10, 2023

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International News & Insights

Top Five Countries to Watch for International Cannabis Reform in 2024 

While the cannabis industry in the United States awaits a marijuana scheduling decision from the DEA, many countries around the world continue to move forward with liberalizing their cannabis policies as a superior method of promoting the health and welfare of their citizens. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at five countries poised to make waves in the cannabis landscape in 2024, including Germany, Thailand, Colombia, the Czech Republic, and Switzerland. Read more. 


German Lawmakers Hold First Debate on Marijuana Legalization Bill 

German lawmakers have officially begun consideration of a bill that would legalize marijuana nationwide. The legalization measure would allow adults to legally possess cannabis and cultivate a maximum of three plants for personal use. It would also create social clubs that could distribute marijuana to members. Officials have said a forthcoming second phase of legalization will eventually launch a pilot program for regulated commercial sales of cannabis. Read more. 


UK Home Office Sets Out Plan to Limit THC Content of CBD Products 

The United Kingdom’s Home Office plans to bring forward legislation to implement the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs’ (ACMD) proposals for CBD products. It accepted the ACMD’s recommendation that the total dose of THC and all other controlled phytocannabinoids in CBD products be limited to 50 micrograms (µg) per serving. Read more. 


Jamaica’s Cannabis Licensing Authority Grants 160 Licenses 

In a testament to the flourishing cannabis industry in Jamaica, the Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA) has recently announced the issuance of 160 licenses as of September 2023. Read more. 


New Zealand’s Medsafe Approves Low-Dose CBD Without a Prescription 

The New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority (Medsafe) reclassified some types of CBD medicines from prescription-only to a restricted (pharmacist-only) medicine. The decision came after Medsafe’s review of the risk-benefit profile of access to low-dose CBD. Read more. 


Federal News & Insights

State Department’s Permissive Reading Of International Drug Treaties Is ‘Good Sign’ For Marijuana Rescheduling 

Recent comments by a U.S. State Department official to a United Nations drug commission are being seen by some legal experts as “a good sign” for marijuana’s potential domestic move to Schedule III under the federal Controlled Substances Act (CSA)—at least in terms of clearing the country’s obligations under international law. Read more. 


DEA Wants Nearly 1 Million Grams Of Delta-9 THC Manufactured For Research Next Year In Latest Schedule I Quota Hike 

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is looking to substantially build up domestic production of delta-9 THC and other cannabinoids for research purposes next year, while also maintaining high levels of psychedelics production as scientific interest continues to grow. Read more. 


New FDA Documents Look Back On 50 Years of Marijuana Research While Previewing Future Studies on Terpenes and Edibles 

For nearly as long as the federal government has classified marijuana as a Schedule I controlled substance, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been evaluating applications from researchers seeking to develop therapeutic drugs from the plant. In a pair of newly published documents, the agency looks back on more than half a century of investigational cannabis-based drugs and offers its perspective of what the future of drug development might hold. Read more. 


Researcher Receives $3.2 Million Grant to Study Impact of Cannabis on Immunotherapy 

A University of Buffalo psychologist has received a $3.2 million grant from the National Cancer Institute to assess how cannabis use affects patients who receive immunotherapy, a rapidly advancing treatment that helps the immune system fight cancer. Read more. 


Federal Sentencing Commission’s New Marijuana Guidelines Directing Judges To Treat Past Convictions More Leniently Officially Take Effect 

New federal guidelines from the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) advising judges to treat prior marijuana possession offenses more leniently have officially taken effect. Read more. 



Webinar Replay | Identifying International Cannabis Opportunities in Europe 

This recorded session features members of Vicente LLP’s Federal and International Law and Policy practice group and London cannabis attorney Robert Jappie of Fieldfisher sharing insights into what’s happening with cannabis and hemp-derived cannabinoids across the pond and opportunities for US operators and investors. Watch on-demand. 


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