Weed Wonks Episode 7 - Discussing the Cannabis Voter Project with Sal Pace

Jan 13, 2020

Weed Wonks is a weekly cannabis policy podcast co-hosted by Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston. The show goes beyond the headlines to examine the implications and evolution of the complex world of cannabis regulation. Each episode features a special guest with in-depth knowledge of cannabis law and regulations, including regulators, operators, investors, legislators, experts and lawyers.

Episode 7 is especially interesting and features former Colorado State Representative Sal Pace discussing the history of Colorado marijuana legalization, his work in as a legislator and as Pueblo County Commissioner, and his work with the Cannabis Voter Project. Listen here!

Sal Pace and Colorado Marijuana Legalization History

For those unfamiliar, Sal Pace served as a Colorado State Representative from 2008-2012, where he was instrumental in the passing of HB 10-1284, which established Colorado as the first state to adopt a regulatory system to license and oversee commercial cannabis distribution. This was the launch point for many of the regulatory changes that have happened in the cannabis industry since.

After Amendment 64 passed in 2012, Sal was serving as Pueblo County Commissioner and he looked to the cannabis industry as a way to turn around the county's economy. Pueblo County created policies and opened the doors to the industry, which has positively affected the county's economy. Now, eight percent of all locally generated tax dollars come from the cannabis industry and thousands of jobs were created.

Cannabis Voter Project

Cannabis voters across the country can make a huge difference in local, state and federal issues and candidates. In 2018, Governor Polis' campaign was the first to actively target cannabis voters, and these voters had a 50.3 percent turnout rate for the gubernatorial election. That campaign showed that there is a huge opportunity for growing the power of cannabis voters and for politicians to look to this community for grassroots support, not just campaign contributions. That is why the Cannabis Voter Project was formed. Sal, along with Vicente Sederberg, sits on the board of the Cannabis Voter Project. This organization works to identify, inform and register cannabis voters across the country to harness the grassroots power of the community so that politicians will listen to their collective voice. 

Listen to Weed Wonks Episode 7 to get the full story.

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