Weed Wonks Episode 18 - Picking Apart the SAFE Banking Act with Steve Fox

Jan 15, 2020

Weed Wonks is a weekly cannabis policy podcast co-hosted by Jordan Wellington and Andrew Livingston. The show goes beyond the headlines to examine the implications and evolution of the complex world of cannabis regulation. Each episode features a special guest with in-depth knowledge of cannabis law and regulations, including regulators, operators, investors, legislators, experts and lawyers.

In this episode, the guys sit down with the co-founder of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA), a strategic advisor to the Cannabis Trade Federation (CTF), of counsel to Vicente Sederberg LLP and president of VS Strategies, Steve Fox. Steve has been at the forefront of cannabis policy since Amendment 64's monumental win in Colorado and is considered one of the leading figures of the movement to legalize and regulate cannabis in the United States. Listen Here!

Cannabis Banking Vs. Mike Crapo 

It's no secret that Republicans are less adamant about cannabis legalization than Democrats. The SAFE Banking Act is somewhat unique in this light as it passed through the House with bipartisan support. However, the buck seems to have stopped in the Senate at the Senate Banking Committee Chairman Mike Crapo's hands. Crapo has shown signs that he's listening to the people before moving on the bill, however, he also released a memo detailing his grievances with the House-passed version with no date listed for a feedback deadline. 

To hear Steve's full thoughts on the SAFE Banking Act, whether he thinks it'll make it through the Senate and much more, click here

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