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[Webinar] Update on Testing in Cannabis and Hemp 

Nov 2, 2023

Do you know if the cannabis products sold at your stores have accurate THC percentages and are free from contaminants? Chances are, you don’t know for sure. Inflated potency has become rampant in many states, synthetic THC from the hemp market is starting to make its way into the regulated supply chain, and many products aren’t being tested properly for contaminants. Why are these issues occurring and what can you do to keep your business compliant? 

Watch this session to hear from Vicente LLP attorneys and compliance experts, along with SC Labs’ chief compliance officer. The panelists will address the current lab testing and compliance issues in the industry, testing standards across the country, and the importance of reliable testing. 

Topics of discussion may include: 

  • The importance of reliable testing and risks around inflated potency  
  • How testing standards and sampling vary across the country and how multi-state operators and brands need to address these discrepancies  
  • Recent regulatory changes and enforcement trends across the country 
  • How operators should think about the use of remediation, including industrial hygiene and strategies for prevention 
  • Hemp testing and hemp-derived THC in the regulated supply chain 
  • Update on psychedelics testing 


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