[Webinar] Intoxicating Hemp Regulations: Where We Are and What's to Come

Dec 15, 2022

The regulation of intoxicating hemp products is a continuing topic of debate in the cannabis industry as it considers regulatory frameworks in various state prohibition and post-prohibition structures. While the FDA continues dragging its feet with developing or enforcing regulations for hemp products, the hemp industry continues to innovate and consumer demand for hemp products grows. 

State cannabis and hemp stakeholders are debating the appropriate regulatory frameworks for high-THC and synthetically derived hemp products, considering public safety issues for novel cannabinoids. While some states have outright banned Delta-8 THC products, others opted to regulate. With the 2023 Farm Bill on the horizon and more states continuing to adopt cannabis laws, the regulation of intoxicating hemp is at the forefront and is critical to informing effective cannabis regulation.

Watch this session the learn more about the regulatory approaches in key states including Colorado, Oregon, and California, explore the key policy and product safety considerations at issue, and share projections for the future of intoxicating hemp regulation at the state and federal level. 

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