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[Webinar] Growing Greener: Navigating Environmental Laws

Sep 22, 2021

Cannabis and hemp operators work hard to remain compliant with industry-specific laws and regulations, but compliance with long-standing environmental laws hasn’t been an issue of concern for most. Recently, environmental regulators have set their sights on errant operators, taking significant enforcement actions against cannabis companies who violate fundamental environmental laws.

Be a leader in the industry by verifying you're compliant with environmental laws.

Watch this recorded session to learn the basics of environmental laws, regulations that apply to the cannabis industry, and how your cannabis business can mitigate risk against costly enforcement actions by regulatory agencies.

Members of VS’s Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) practice explore:

  • Which environmental laws most commonly impact cannabis operations, and what these laws require
  • Lessons learned from recent environmental enforcement actions that have impacted cannabis operators
  • Practical steps to assess your current operations and how to bring your practices in line with the law
  • Sustainability opportunities that result in cost savings




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