[Webinar] From CEP to SIP: Social Impact Plans and Annual Reports for Denver Cannabis Businesses

Jul 2, 2021

In April 2021, Denver City Council approved the Marijuana Omnibus Ordinance which revised the Municipal Code and established new marijuana license application and renewal requirements. As part of the Omnibus Ordinance, the city moved to transition licensees from requiring Community Engagement Plans (CEPs) to requiring more rigorous Social Impact Plans (SIPs).

Watch this session featuring a member of Denver’s Department of Excise & Licensing, along with attorneys from VS’s Impact & ESG and Regulatory Compliance Departments for a dive into what you need to know about the new requirements, including:

  • History of CEPs to SIPs and key differences between the plans
  • What the new SIPs require from licensees
  • Annual SIP tracking, transparency, and reporting obligations
  • Risks of failing to maintain SIPs 

You'll hear from:


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