[Webinar] California Cannabis Packaging and Labeling Compliance

Jul 1, 2020

Plan for New Products and Avoid Common Supply Chain Issues

Compliance will make or break a cannabis business’s success in the highly regulated California cannabis industry, and maintaining that compliance presents constant challenges for both new and experienced operators. Understanding packaging and labeling requirements for all of your products and establishing and enforcing compliance protocols impacts your bottom line by improving efficiency and consumer confidence. It will also help you avoid unnecessary supply chain issues and compliance crises.

Watch the webinar replay with VS’s California licensing and compliance team to learn:

  • The intricacies of California cannabis packaging and labeling requirements
  • How to incorporate labeling requirements into creative design discussions
  • Packaging best practices for new product launches
  • Common mistakes in cannabinoid content labeling
  • How to implement compliance review procedures throughout the supply chain
  • And more!

Presenters: Cassia Furman, Andrea Golan, Genevieve Meehan, and Christina Sava


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