Vicente Sederberg LLP Recognized as Colorado Industry Leader of the Year by Cannabis Business Awards

Dec 14, 2020

VS was honored to be recognized as the Industry Leader of the Year during the 2020 Colorado Cannabis Business Awards, which were held virtually on December 10.

The Cannabis Business Awards celebrate the outstanding achievements and historic progress of individuals, organizations and businesses in the legal cannabis industry. They have been held annually since 2012, and VS or its team members have been recognized nearly every year. The last Colorado Cannabis Business Awards were in 2018, at which time VS received the "MVP" award. In previous years, it has also received Cannabis Business Awards for "Political Industry Representative of the Year" and "Cannabis Business of the Year."

A huge thank-you goes out to the organizers of the Cannabis Business Awards, as well as to everyone who nominated and voted for VS! And congratulations to all the other winners! 

Check out Westword's write-up of the 2020 Colorado CBAs for a list of all this year's winners.


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