Vicente LLP to Join the Natural Medicine Discussion at the 2024 Aspen Psychedelic Symposium

May 14, 2024

Join Vicente LLP during the 2024 Aspen Psychedelic Symposium for a remarkable weekend of panels, groundbreaking research, and firsthand insights into the transformative world of psychedelic medicines.

This two-day gathering, sponsored by Vicente, will take place in Aspen, Colorado, from May 31 to June 1.

A full schedule of events will be available closer to the event.

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Passed in 2022, The Natural Medicine Health Act (NMHA) decriminalized adult possession of natural medicines (including psilocybin, psilocin, mescaline not derived from peyote, ibogaine and DMT), and initiated the process of creating regulated healing centers in Colorado. Vicente LLP founding partner Joshua Kappel served as adrafter and a leading member of the campaign for the NMHA. Our team is actively involved in the development and implementation of the NMHA and other psychedelic laws and policies in the U.S. and abroad.

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