Vicente Attorneys Will Sponsor and Attend Bridging the Worlds Psychedelics Conference

Apr 5, 2024

On April 18, 2024, Vicente LLP attorneys Joshua Kappel and Barine Majewska will attend the “Bridging the Worlds: The Confluence of Indigenous Wisdom and Psychedelic Science” conference at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO. Vicente is a sponsor of the event, which will explore the future of psychedelic research in the context of its historical and cultural significance. The event explores the relationship between indigenous traditions and modern psychedelic research, which Josh Kappel has investigated deeply in his work in psychedelics law. Kappel and Majewska both emphasize the importance of bridging cultural divides in their work, which often involves guiding conversations on psychedelics to highlight the need to honor indigenous knowledge.

At the Bridging the Worlds Conference, attendees can learn about:

  • The historical context of psychedelic medicine and its ties to sacred traditions.
  • Exploration of psychedelic experiences, including theory, science, and spirituality.
  • Strategies for optimizing client experiences and integration.
  • Legal and regulatory considerations in psychedelic therapy.
  • Models of community care within the psychedelic landscape.
  • Real-world client stories and reflections.
  • Expanding the clinical gaze to incorporate diverse cultural perspectives.

Attendees are invited to connect with Vicente to discuss opportunities in the emerging field of psychedelics law. Register here to attend various panels centered around the connection between psychedelics/plant medicines and their cultural and historical sacred traditions within communities.


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