SXSW 2021 Panelpicker is Open! Vote for "Bridging the Gap - Entertainment and Cannabis"

Nov 13, 2020

SXSW 2021 Panelpicker is open for voting, and VS partner Jeff Welsh submitted the perfect panel for the event's cannabusiness track!

Bridging the Gap - Entertainment and Cannabis

This session will focus on how entertainers and entertainment assets can effectively leverage their platform and audience into the cannabis and hemp marketplaces, whether through endorsement, investment, or activism. Celebrity endorsements have long served as an effective marketing tool for brands looking to reach large target audiences. For traditional industries, celebrity or influencer backed products or endorsements lead to immediate sales, and there's little risk for the celebrity or the brand in terms of backlash. However, the cannabis industry not only remains federally illegal, but occupies a polarizing space in the realm of public acceptance, and celebrity brands to-date have been viewed as inauthentic, illegitimate, or uncool. We have a unique opportunity to bridge this gap.

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