Sally Peebles and Andrew Livingston Will Discuss Cannabis Legalization in the South in Upcoming Rootwurks Webinar

Nov 3, 2022

NOVEMBER 22, 2022 | 12 p.m. CT

Amid the widespread news coverage about new, game-changing legal cannabis markets in states like New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Connecticut, and Virginia, further South, the ground seems to be shifting. 

In this upcoming Rootwurks webinar on November 16, Sally Kent Peebles, a Florida-based partner in the cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP, and the firm’s Director of Economics and Research, Andrew Livingston, will provide an in-depth look at what is happening in cannabis in the Deep South and the potential these emerging markets hold for the cannabis industry.

This online seminar can benefit anyone interested in what is happening with legalization in the region, what it would mean for the local economy, how it would affect the wider legal cannabis industry, and how legalization can take hold in some of the more conservative parts of the country.

Viewers will gain expert insight on:

  • Where our experts see cannabis legalization in the South in the years to come
  • The political and economic factors affecting the legality of cannabis in the region
  • The widespread impacts legalization could have on the region
  • Why Mississippi probably won’t become “The Colorado of the South”
  • Which southern states may be the next to legalize
  • What role legalization in the south could have for the industry as a whole
  • How difficult it is to secure cannabis licenses in the region
  • What cannabis legalization would mean for the economy of the Deep South
  • What federal legalization would mean for the region
  • How widespread is cannabis legalization with the population of the Deep South
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