Sally Kent Peebles Discusses Proposed THC Cap on Florida Cannabis on WJCT Public Media's 'First Coast Connect'

Mar 17, 2021

Some Florida state lawmakers are exploring a possible cap on the level of THC in medical marijuana products. VS Jacksonville attorney and Florida Medical Cannabis Advisory Committee co-chair Sally Kent Peebles recently discussed that topic, along with the proposed cannabis bills that will be discussed in the Florida Legislature this year with WJCT Public Media. 

Sally said there are two main issues affecting Florida's medical marijuana patients' access to plant medicine: 1) the high price of medical marijuana; and 2) dispensaries are running out of product. A THC cap would exacerbate the situation.

Certain patients simply just need higher THC levels to be provided relief from their symptoms. By creating a cap on THC, that same patient is going to have to go out and purchase more product to get the same relief.” - Sally Kent Peebles

She also noted that limiting THC to 10 percent will require cultivators to destroy their current genetics or grow plants in a way that will stunt their development, which will result in lower product supply and higher prices. 

The discussion was lively, with many Floridians calling in and tweeting questions and comments. Listen to the full program here.



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