Sally Kent Peebles Discusses Cannabis Law and WISE Florida on Canna Guys Podcasts

Apr 21, 2021

VS partner Sally Kent Peebles recently joined the Canna Guys podcast for two episodes.

In episode 51 "A Lawyer's Perspective with Sally Peebles," Dr. Justin Davis, Scott Burgard, and Sally discussed her work in cannabis law, the THC cap legislation that has hit Florida and other states, and a comparison of Florida to other states on the road to cannabis legalization. Listen here!

In episode 52 "The Women's Initiative for a Safe and Equitable Florida! ft. Sally Peebles," Sally joined the hosts to discuss the coming together of the new advocacy organization, WISE Florida, and the need for their cannabis advocacy work in Florida. Listen here!

About Canna Guys

Canna Guys is a podcast that provides a sophisticated view into the Florida medical, business, and legislative side of the cannabis world. In a space where nothing is clear, Canna Guys bring clarity.


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