Rootwurks Partners with Vicente Sederberg to Launch Cannabis Compliance and E-Learning Platform

May 17, 2022

VS is excited to partner with Rootwurks, Inc., to help cannabis companies maintain regulatory compliance through interactive education and a user-friendly operational toolkit. Launched May 16, 2022, Rootwurks is an e-learning, training, and compliance management platform solution for the cannabis industry.

Read the press release and Benzinga exclusive article:

Food Manufacturing Compliance and Training Experts Partner with Leading Cannabis Law Firm to Launch Rootwurks — a Groundbreaking E-Learning and Compliance Tool for the Cannabis Industry

The Rootwurks Learning Experience Platform (LXP) was built by the founders of Alchemy Systems (now Intertek Alchemy), the global leader in frontline workforce training, education, and compliance for the food industry. The platform’s customizable, comprehensive programs were developed with the guidance of national cannabis law firm Vicente Sederberg LLP, which has played a leading role in cannabis policy and regulatory matters since the inception of the regulated cannabis industry.

"At Rootwurks, our goal is to help customers simplify cannabis compliance by ensuring their employees have access to the information required to perform their job when and where they need it,” said Chase Eastman, founder and CEO of Rootwurks. “On the LXP, that journey includes compliance training courses and additional tools like checklists, ‘just in time’ reinforcement modules, assessments, and much more. Using these tools and courses, cannabis businesses can more confidently navigate the complexities of cannabis compliance and create a culture of safety for workers and consumers. The pairing of Vicente Sederberg’s guidance with our centerpiece Rootwurks LXP provides a comprehensive and unquestionably valuable service bundle for cannabis operators.”

The Rootwurks LXP features a series of educational courses and micro-modules covering a range of cannabis compliance and safety issues. The program uses automated, digital tools calibrated to track, analyze, and assess the compliance operations of cannabis companies of all sizes in real-time, so businesses can catch mistakes before they cause damage or before they happen at all.

“With legalization spreading throughout the U.S. and across the globe, there is a growing need for cannabis education, workforce training, and compliance tools," said Brian Vicente, founding partner of Vicente Sederberg LLP. “Helping cannabis companies maintain compliant, professional operations has been a fundamental part of our work for more than a decade. We are proud to contribute our knowledge and experience to the Rootwurks platform, which represents the next phase in achieving operational excellence in the legal cannabis space."

Rootwurks is ready to help cannabis companies achieve compliance, organization, and proper counsel. Click here to learn more about the Rootwurks service platform and schedule a free demonstration.

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