PsyCon Will Feature Vicente LLP Attorneys Joshua Kappel and Yolanda Clarke Discussing Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act Updates and Licensing

Aug 29, 2023

PsyCon Psychedelic Convention is coming to Denver on September 29, 2023, for a day of exhibitors and speakers focused on the psychedelic industry. Vicente LLP founding partner Joshua Kappel and senior associate attorney Yolanda Clarke are slated to present during PsyCon Denver this year! View the panel information below.

The Latest Updates on Natural Medicines in Colorado

Colorado has become a state to watch in psychedelic reform and psychedelic therapies, following the passing of Proposition 122, the Natural Medicine Health Act. This measure allows for the use of psychedelics in a therapeutic and communal setting. This panel of key leaders in Colorado's psychedelic community will discuss the latest updates on psychedelic policy in Colorado, including a forecast of the unique business opportunities created by the Natural Medicine Health Act.


  • Joshua Kappel
  • Kevin Matthews
  • Veronica Perez
  • Tasia Poinsatte

Colorado Natural Medicine Health Act Licensing 101

From psychedelic facilitators and product manufacturers to service centers and testing laboratories, opportunities abound in Colorado’s emerging psilocybin industry. 

Entrepreneurs, advocates, healthcare professionals and the psychedelic-curious should attend this session to learn the ins and outs of the Colorado Psilocybin Services regulations and licensing process—and for helpful tips to get you on the path to success in this exciting new field.

  • Speaker: Yolanda Clarke

Register to attend and use promo code “VICENTE25” at checkout for 25% off!

About PsyCon

PsyCon is the premier trade show and expo for Colorado’s soon-to-be-launched psychedelic industry. Featuring the top names in psychedelic science presenting the latest cutting-edge research, PsyCon offers entrepreneurs and consumers alike the chance to learn, network, and build the foundation for what could be one of the biggest psychedelic markets in the nation.

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