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Proposition 122 Co-author Joshua Kappel Slated to Participate in Chacruna’s Community Forum on The Future of Colorado Psychedelics

Jan 10, 2023

On January 18, 2023 at 1 p.m. MT, VS founding partner Joshua Kappel will be participating in a virtual community forum hosted by the Chacruna Institute of Psychedelic Plant Medicines, in partnership with The Center of Psychedelic Studies at Naropa University, to discuss the future of Colorado’s Proposition 122. 

Colorado and Proposition 122: Where do we go from here? 

Colorado recently made history within the psychedelic realm with the passing of Proposition 122. This proposition creates a natural medicine services program for the supervised administration of various psychedelics and creates a framework for regulating the growth, distribution, and sale of such substances to permitted entities. 

While this has been an incredibly groundbreaking accomplishment, we are still left with many questions regarding accessibility, education, community, risks, integration, potential monopolization, and qualifications to administer and distribute these psychedelics.  

You’ll hear from:  

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