'Planted' With Sara Payan Cannabis Podcast Features Jeffrey Welsh in Episode 33

Aug 2, 2021

VS partner Jeffrey Welsh recently sat down with host Sara Payan for a conversation about cannabis policy across the U.S., the intersection of entertainment and cannabis, and his music.

Sara stated, "It’s amazing how many of us in cannabis are also artists in our own right. Jeff is a true renaissance man—a musician, an attorney, and a visionary on connecting the dots between cannabis and artist branding." 

Listen to the podcast here!

About “Planted” with Sara Payan

“Planted” with Sara Payan is an ongoing conversation encompassing the vast world of cannabis, with a focus on education. Sara Payan, educator, policy advocate & author, engages policymakers, media professionals, industry leaders and more, about their relationship with cannabis in the era of legalization.


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