Oregon and Colorado Psychedelics Panel at Wonderland Features Shawn Hauser

Oct 17, 2023

Join partner at Vicente LLP Shawn Hauser during Wonderland Miami on Thursday, November 9! Shawn is slated to discuss the state of the emerging psychedelics industry at the conference at 10 a.m. ET on the Explore Stage.  

Panel: Oregon and Colorado 

Oregon and Colorado have paved the way for psychedelic therapy legalization. In 2020, Oregon passed Measure 109, allowing licensed facilitators to provide psilocybin services. In 2022, Colorado passed Proposition 122, legalizing supervised access to psychedelics like psilocybin and DMT. The panel will discuss these historic votes, how the states are implementing the laws, what services will look like, and who will have access. We’ll also explore emerging psychedelics research for treating conditions like depression, PTSD, and addiction. Our experts will share perspectives on the advances in Oregon and Colorado and the future of the sector. 


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About Wonderland 

Wonderland is an immersive event that unites industry leaders, groundbreaking researchers, and passionate enthusiasts to discover the untapped potential of psychedelic medicine, longevity, and mental health. Join thousands of attendees as we unlock the secrets to a brighter future. 

About Shawn Hauser 

Shawn Hauser is a partner at Vicente LLP, where she co-chairs the firm's Hemp and Cannabinoids Department and serves as a leading member of the firm's Psychedelics and Emerging Therapies practice. She helps cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics businesses navigate the intersections between state and federal law, including cannabis and psychedelics laws and food and drug laws as they evolve. Her practice focuses on regulatory compliance, licensing, general business representation, investment advice, policy reform and strategic guidance to best position businesses for success at the at state, national, and international levels. [See full profile] 


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