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[Webinar] Opportunities in the Functional Mushroom Industry

Jul 12, 2023

Mushrooms are having a moment! The functional mushroom industry sells non-psychoactive mushrooms as dietary supplements, food, or as an ingredient in conventional foods—and this industry is booming. 

Watch this session on-demand to learn about current and future business opportunities in the growing world of adaptogenic and functional mushrooms. Industry experts will also discuss the regulatory environment governing these products. 

Topics of discussion include: 

  • What are functional or adaptogenic mushrooms, and why are they having a moment?  
  • How are mushroom supplements regulated in the US and what are the key issues?  
  • What are the challenges in sourcing mushrooms?  
  • How to raise capital in the functional mushroom space? 
  • How to grow and develop a brand in this crowded market? 


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