VS Team Slated to Speak on Three Panels at NECANN Boston's 6th Annual New England Cannabis Convention

Sep 2, 2021

NECANN Boston is back from September 10–12, 2021, and the VS team is ready to take the stage! We're looking forward to sharing our expertise and meeting safely in person.  

Friday, September 10; 2 p.m.

Cannabis Compliance in Massachusetts

Compliance is the key to longevity and consumer confidence in cannabis. And in Massachusetts compliance is anything but easy or straightforward sometimes. If you are a current MA license holder, a current applicant, or want to understand some of the compliance-related obstacles you'll face, don't miss this session with the cannabis industry's leading legal and compliance professionals.

VS panelists include: Adam Fine, Partner; Casey Leaver, Director of Regulatory Compliance

Saturday, September 11; 12 p.m.

E is for Environment: Exploring Environment-Related Responsibilities and Opportunities in ESG for Cannabis

As the cannabis industry matures, consumers, employees, and investors are looking to marijuana and hemp companies for action on issues such as sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts. Meanwhile, regulators are moving to require that non-financial ESG metrics be included in annual reporting to disclose material risks (and opportunities) to investors. Attend this session to learn how marijuana and hemp companies that aggressively incorporate these principals into their core business practices gain market advantage and are better positioned for growth, attracting and retaining the best talent, and creating evangelical customers and employees. Focused primarily in the "E" in ESG, the session will also explore how companies with good ESG initiatives are also better insulated from negative externalities, such as shareholder resolutions and challenges, stakeholder criticism, community backlash, employee lawsuits, and are positioned to better weather crisis events.

VS panelists include: Marc Ross, Head of Impact & ESG; Michelle Bodian, Senior Associate Attorney

Saturday, September 11; 4 p.m.

Beyond CBD: A Look at the Future of Hemp in the Northeast

The current CBD boom is undeniable and will be lucrative for years to come. But forward-looking thinkers in the cannabis industry are already looking ahead to the next big thing. There is great interest in other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, and Delta 8 THC. What are the properties of these other cannabinoids, and how will markets for them develop The industrial uses are even more intriguing: what will it take to build an infrastructure for domestic hemp fiber, hempcrete, and hemp plastics.

VS panelists include: Michelle Bodian, Senior Associate Attorney


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