Natural Medicine Health Act — A Groundbreaking Ballot Measure for Access to Psychedelic Therapy

Jul 22, 2022

It's official! Natural psychedelic medicines will be on the ballot for Colorado voters this year! The Natural Medicine Colorado campaign turned in signatures on June 27 and the secretary of state's office announced on July 21 that the campaign had successfully qualified the measure for the ballot. These achievements make way for the Natural Medicine Health Act (NMHA) to set the stage for healing access to these therapeutic natural medicines. 

Initiative 58, the Natural Medicine Health Act, is designed to create safe and equitable access to natural psychedelic medicines [psilocybin, ibogaine, mescaline (not derived from peyote), DMT and psilocyn] for veterans struggling with PTSD, people facing a terminal illness, adults dealing with depression, anxiety and other mental health challenges, and any adult who can benefit by these healing medicines. The measure also provides ways for the state's current underground psychedelic community to operate lawfully and provides a pathway for record sealing of prior convictions. Retail sales of natural psychedelic medicine are not permitted under the measure. Learn more about the measure.

VS founding partner Joshua Kappel was one of the drafters of the measure and serves as the chair of the Natural Medicine Colorado campaign committee.

“The Natural Medicine Health Act puts the well-being of patients and communities first. It was purposefully designed, with a multi-phase implementation process that provides a clear mandate around safety, equity, and reciprocity while allowing the details of the regulatory structure to be developed by the community and regulators working together.” – Joshua Kappel

Please join VS in supporting this historic measure:

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