National Hispanic Cannabis Council Founding Board Members Include Vicente Sederberg LLP

Apr 7, 2021

Launched March 25, 2021, the National Hispanic Cannabis Council (NHCC) aims to empower the U.S. Hispanic community through education, entrepreneurialism, and economic opportunity. Vicente Sederberg LLP is a founding sponsor and Brian Vicente, Jennifer Cabrera, and Fatima Thibou will sit on the 16-member board of directors.

“As a Hispanic myself—my dad was a first-generation Cuban American—I am especially proud that Vicente Sederberg is a founding sponsor of the organization. The NHCC will be a leader in bringing economic opportunity and health care expertise directly to the Hispanic community to demystify a wellness product that has already been transformational in the lives of millions.” - Brian Vicente

The NHCC will be comprised of individual and business members from across the U.S. and organized through local chapters. It will offer local education and networking events, as well as national opportunities to interact with subject matter experts in the fields of medicine, policy, advocacy, and other areas.

“I am a first-generation Cuban-American from Newark, NJ. Growing up in an immigrant family, I witnessed the stress and trauma experienced by those who have left their homes behind to build a new life in the US. Cannabis prohibition, racial profiling, and police injustice have only exacerbated that trauma, leading to arrests and lost opportunities for immigrants and other marginalized groups. I believe the regulation of cannabis offers opportunities for the Latinx community and have joined the NHCC to help meet its goals of educating the public on the responsible use of cannabis and promoting participation by the Latinx community in the regulated cannabis market.” — Jennifer Cabrera

The NHCC was founded by cannabis business leaders representing a variety of prominent companies, including Can It Industries, LLC; Cresco Labs; Folsom and Forge; Moxie; Trulieve; and Vicente Sederberg LLP. It is governed by a national board of directors and led by executive director Antonio Valdez.

"Now is the time to create solutions that can be applied to public policy and eradicate systemic and structural racism. Being a National Hispanic Cannabis Council board member is an incredible opportunity and the first step in my commitment to the cannabis industry and, more importantly, to social justice and equity in the cannabis industry. To affect change—to make an impact—you must use your voice. I am ready to step up for my community and for all communities of color.” —Fatima Thibou

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