Explore the Legal Landscape for Microdosing Psychedelics with Josh Kappel on the Third Wave Podcast

Feb 9, 2023

The Case for Microdosing: Why Legalization Matters

In a recent episode of the Third Wave Podcast, Vicente LLP founding partner Josh Kappel joined Ali Schaper, CEO and co-founder of “Into The Multiverse,” and consciousness coach Marie Mbouni M.D. to discuss topics such as the history of microdosing, sacred rituals, the legal landscape, and how to safely advocate for microdosing. 

Panel highlights:

  • Why microdosing advocacy matters. 
  • A brief history of microdosing and its potential role in mainstream acceptance of psychedelics.
  • Panelists share their “why” in promoting responsible psychedelic use in mainstream society.
  • On sacred reciprocity and microdosing with plant medicines.
  • The current legal landscape of microdosing and the work ahead towards legalization.
  • Harnessing neuroplasticity for wellness and optimization.
  • Drawing on lessons from cannabis when it comes to microdosing psychedelics.
  • How to share support for microdosing without putting yourself at risk.
  • Defining microdosing.

0:28:52.4 Josh Kappel: In Colorado, this historic bill (the Natural Medicine Health Act) that we worked on would legalize natural psychedelic medicines and decriminalize them, but there’s no intention to legalize microdosing. Under the decriminalization provision, yes, it would allow people to grow their own to share it and it’ll provide some protections for microdosing, but there are no sales permitted. The best we could get in the bill was the future study of what regulated microdosing would look like. And why is that the best that we could get? Because there is no voice of the microdosing community.

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About Josh Kappel:

Josh Kappel is a founding partner of Vicente Sederberg with a practice devoted to helping entrepreneurs and like-minded professionals build human-centric and regenerative companies in the cannabis and psychedelic communities. Joshua also has a passion for helping advocates draft legislation and build sustainable legal vehicles that will influence these emerging industries going forward.

Recently, Mr. Kappel was a co-author and chair of the campaign committee for Colorado’s Proposition 122, which was the first successful state ballot measure to create access to natural psychedelic healing through both a state-regulated and decentralized community-healing model. Joshua also helped draft Denver’s psilocybin decriminalization initiative and has assisted in drafting cannabis and psychedelic measures across the country for over 12 years. Read more.

Guidelines for the Personal Use of Psychedelics Under Colorado’s Natural Medicine Health Act of 2022

Colorado's Natural Medicine Health Act provides a path for responsible access to psychedelic natural medicines. If you're interested in the personal use of natural medicines in Colorado, read this article to find out what is and is not permitted. 

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