Marc Ross and Kim Napoli Talk Cannabis ESG and Social Equity on 'How to Launch an Industry' Podcast

Jan 25, 2022

Impact & ESG practice leaders, Marc Ross and Kim Napoli, recently joined the "How to Launch an Industry" podcast to discuss environmental, social and governance (ESG) and social equity in the cannabis industry.

Listen here!

Episode 1/9/2022 - Boundless ESG

This episode also features hosts Jahan Marcu, PhD and Nigam B. Arora, PhD, and David Vaillencourt, MSc. The episode starts off by discussing news around the FDA and its regulation of CBD. Then, Ross shares insights into his article “Environmental, Social, & Governance: The Perfect Storm for the Cannabis Industry.” This leads to a social equity discussion that casts a wide net and Kim Napoli offers advice for companies about getting educated and competent about social equity. 


  • Jahan Marcu, PhD (moderator)
  • Kim Napoli, Vicente Sederberg LLP
  • Marc Ross, Vicente Sederberg LLP
  • David Vaillencourt, MSc.
  • Nigam B. Arora, PhD

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