Lit & Lucid Podcast: Creating a Future in Cannabis with Jeffrey Welsh

Nov 13, 2020

In episode 103 of the Lit & Lucid podcast, Jeffrey Welsh, partner at Vicente Sederberg and co-founder of Composite Agency, discusses his path from being a professional saxophonist to becoming an attorney, to working in the entertainment and cannabis industries, to co-founding two businesses, and eventually joining forces with Vicente Sederberg LLP.

Listen here for Jeffrey's insights, including:

  • Finding inspiration in his daily work working through the different scenarios he handles as a cannabis attorney.
  • The stigmas still associated with cannabis consumption as a business professional and how he’s overcome those misconceptions.
  • How he finds mentors and the best way you too can find someone to help you along your life journey

Lit & Lucid is "your after work, de-stress, smoke sesh podcast. Every week hosts Lit & Lucid take you on a journey! A journey to discover the truth and find the balance. They get deep on those thought-provoking topics that ooze out of the cannabis universe but also keep it real by illuminating important issues and people in today's culture."


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