Jeffrey Welsh Interviews VAYA Flor Founder Salvador Santana on Highly Capitalized Network

Jul 1, 2021

We are excited to share a new collaboration between Vicente Sederberg and Highly Capitalized!  

VS partner Jeffrey Welsh recently sat down with Salvador Santana, founder of VAYA Flor, at the Highly Capitalized Studios in Los Angeles. In the interview, Salvador describes his passion for cannabis, including his emotional attachment and love of the healing and uniting power of the plant.

Salvador Santana is the son of legendary, ten-time Grammy-winning guitarist Carlos Santana. Salvador is himself an accomplished musician and Grammy-award winner, as well as a cannabis advocate.

Born and raised in California, Salvador was surrounded by celebrities, seasoned cannabis aficionados, cultivators and farmers. As he grew older, his eyes were opened to the injustices occurring due to the failed “War On Drugs.'' He also grew to understand the medical and spiritual benefits of the plant firsthand.

All of this led him to become a founder and ''hands-on'' manager of VAYA Flor. In this wide-ranging interview, Salvador discusses his experiences with cannabis — including seeing Jerry Garcia lighting a “funny-looking cigarette” back in 1991 — as well as his journey in founding and managing VAYA Flor, his music and his hopes for the future.

Watch the full interview exclusively on Highly Capitalized — and stay tuned for more content and interviews with cannabis, hemp and emerging therapies thought-leaders! 

Watch Jeffrey Welsh's interview with Salvador Santana








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