Jeffrey Welsh Interviews Social Impact Cannabis Brand 40 Tons on Highly Capitalized Network

Jul 27, 2021

We are excited to share a new collaboration between Vicente Sederberg and Highly Capitalized!  

VS partner Jeffrey Welsh recently sat down with Loriel and Anthony Alegrete of social impact cannabis brand 40 Tons at the Highly Capitalized Studios in Los Angeles. In the interview, Loriel and Anthony talk about their path in creating this business and their mission to do good in the cannabis community and help non-violent cannabis prisoners and their families fight their unjust sentences.

About 40 Tons

Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy. 40 Tons is a Black, woman-owned premium cannabis, clothing, and accessories brand from Los Angeles, California. Representing those impacted by the system — cannabis prisoners, victims of the war on drugs, their families and loved ones — while a booming billion-dollar industry flourishes across the globe, 40 Tons was founded by the very legacy operators who’ve helped build the cannabis industry during the course of battle. With true know-how, the scars to prove it, and 40,000+ cannabis prisoners still locked up, 40 Tons is 100% real, authentic cannabis and cannabis culture standing up for those who fought, and still fight today, the tired and traumatic war over legalization. With a mission to break the chains of these injustices stemming from prohibition, every 40 Tons purchase helps non-violent cannabis prisoners fight their unjust sentences, engage in restorative justice, and find full, equitable lives once they return home to their families. 

Watch the full interview exclusively on Highly Capitalized and stay tuned for more content and interviews with cannabis, hemp and emerging therapies thought-leaders! 

40 Tons Social Impact Cannabis Brand

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