[Webinar] Intoxicating Cannabinoids: The Science and the Law

May 17, 2022

Hemp was federally legalized nearly four years ago, but the FDA still hasn’t developed regulations for finished hemp products. Because the FDA has failed to act, hemp-derived products with high levels of intoxicating cannabinoids (such as delta-8 and delta-9 THC) are becoming increasingly popular in consumer markets. These types of “intoxicating hemp” products—many of which have more THC than state-legal marijuana products—were clearly not intended to be legalized by the Farm Bill and are the subject of much debate in the cannabis industry. In the FDA’s absence, states are considering how to address hemp product safety and regulation of THC in line with the intent of federal and state hemp laws.

Watch this timely discussion exploring intoxicating hemp-derived products. VS hemp and cannabinoids attorneys Shawn Hauser and Andrea Golan will join an FDA regulatory attorney, a volunteer member of ASTM International Technical Committee D37 on Cannabis, and representatives from a cannabis business and a hemp and dietary supplement company to discuss how “intoxicating” consumer products are generally regulated, how these principles may be applied to cannabis, what the science says, and the potential future regulatory landscape for these intoxicating hemp-derived products.


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