INCBA Hemp Symposium Welcomes Shawn Hauser to Discuss the 2023 Farm Bill

Apr 26, 2023

On April 28, 2023, join the International Cannabis Bar Association's foremost thought leaders and impactful cannabis industry professionals for the INCBA Hemp Symposium. This online seminar will feature Vicente partner Shawn Hauser who will discuss the future of hemp policy and provide updates about the 2023 Farm Bill.

How the 2023 Farm Bill Can Reshape Hemp and Regulated Cannabinoid Policy

Friday, April 28, 2023 | 11:00 a.m. CT

In this session the panelist will set the stage by discussing the Agricultural Improvement Act, more commonly known as the Farm Bill; specifically, the watershed moment in 2018 where industrial hemp was provided a federally legal pathway.  The panel will discuss the unintended consequences created by the definition and function of weight allowance for delta-9 THC and its application to manufactured hemp derived products.  The impacts of the definition on the hemp industry, the regulated marijuana industry and overall public health.

You’ll hear from:

  • Courtney Moran – Founding Principal, EARTH Law LLC
  • Shawn Hauser – Partner, Vicente LLP
  • Rusty Rumley – Senior Staff Attorney, National Agricultural Law Center
  • Pamela Nicole Epstein – Chief Legal & Regulatory Officer, Eden Enterprises (Moderator)

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About Shawn Hauser

Shawn Hauser is a partner at Vicente Sederberg and co-chair of the firm's Hemp and Cannabinoids Department. Shawn helps cannabis and hemp businesses navigate the intersections between state and federal law including hemp laws, food and drug laws, regulatory compliance, licensing, general business representation, investment, and general business matters.

As co-chair of the VS Hemp and Cannabinoids Department, Shawn advises clients on the unique legal landscape governing cannabinoids and hemp, helping them form compliant business structures, maintain compliance with hemp and food and drug laws as they evolve, and develop informed solutions that best position them for success at the at state, national, and international levels.

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About the INCBA Hemp Symposium

Featuring legal experts and regulators with an overview of what to expect from regulations to allow for broader sales of hemp-derived consumable products, as well as presentations on how the hemp industry and international trade are developing around the world.

Attend this symposium to discover [or learn]:

  • how the 2023 Farm Bill will impact the entire cannabis industry
  • reasons your cannabis clients should consider expanding into hemp
  • what you need to know if your hemp clients intend to import or export
  • franchise considerations, including how to avoid creating an inadvertent franchise
  • current and future pathways for nutraceuticals in the US and Latin America
  • the difference between hemp ingestibles and cannabis ingestibles … or is there one?

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