INCBA Cannabis Law Institute 2019 Will Feature Seven Vicente Sederberg Attorneys

Sep 20, 2019

The International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA) will hold The Cannabis Law Institute from October 3-5, 2019 at New York Law School. The event convenes the best minds and visionaries working in the legal cannabis industry for multi-day intensive education and a series of intimate networking events. Seven VS attorneys will participate in panels at the event. 

The programming, which includes a minimum of six CLE hours per day will cover various topics, including federal agencies, hemp policy, ethics, trademarks, capital markets and much more.

VS attorneys will participate in the following sessions:

Early Stage Finance and Growth - VS Panelist: Charles Alovisetti

Take a look at fund formation, investment, and pooled private capital as a means to facilitate growth in early-stage companies. What protections should investors be seeking, how should operators seek to structure early-stage capital inflows, and how can each party preserve their rights to future equity, avoid dilution, and prepare for unforeseen obstacles coming down the road.

Getting Engaged: Influencing the Legislative and Regulatory Process - VS Panelist: Jordan Wellington

Want to affect the political process but don’t know where to start? Both an art and science, wording legislation properly and influencing regulations as they are promulgated is an integral part of the zealous advocate’s job. Take a look at how to influence rule-makers through the process by engaging in a mock comment period session with the INCBA team.

Drafting for an M&A Transaction VS - Panelist: Charles Alovisetti

While the cannabis industry is constantly expanding through the emergence of new companies, the rate of consolidations through M&A transactions is keeping pace in lock-step. Take a closer look at what are becoming common transactions in the cannabis industry, and how you can help your clients prepare for, engage in, and benefit from an M&A transaction from the drafting perspective.

Ancillary Agencies - VS Panelist: Shawn Hauser

Larger federal agencies are far from the only agencies with their hand on the pulse of the cannabis industry. Take a look at the rest of the agencies that play a role in the regulation of the cannabis market, from the EPA to the EEOC, and from the SEC to the FTC.

Sample Provisions - VS Panelist: Elliot Choi

Drafting provisions related to warranties, indemnification, limitations of liability and ADR can feel like groundhog day, but it doesn’t have to be an exercise in repetition. Learn how to draft these omnipresent clauses once, and how to modify them for your other contract needs going forward.

Social Equity in California - VS Moderator: Amanda Kilroe

Roundtable discussion of Social Equity in California.

Farm Bill Update and Overview - VS Panelist: Michelle Bodian

Join us for an update on the implementation of the 2018 Farm Bill, interstate shipments of raw material, and information on retail CBD. Starting with an update on where we are around the country with newly filed state-level industrial hemp plans and the current status of interstate commerce with regard to industrial hemp material, we will then move onto other basic provisions of the hemp bill and the hemp markets, such as insurance, transport, and financing.

State Level Hemp Plans - VS Panelist: David Kramer

What should a state-level hemp plan include? What are the competitive advantages and disadvantages of certain state-level programs over others? Are state-level markets worth harmonizing, and will we see a convergence of regulatory programs governing hemp growth, sale and distribution? And how can states deal with the residual THC that is a byproduct of producing CBD isolate from industrial hemp crops?

CBD and Industrial Hemp - VS Moderator: Shawn Hauser

CBD remains a controversial substance: The Food Drug and Cosmetics Act bars its use as a food additive, but FDA enforcement has been limited. Where are we now with federal law as it relates to CBD, is CBD derived from industrial hemp treated differently from isolate derived from psychoactive cannabis, and what is the best way to position your client for success? With the rise of the new hemp economy, the competitive landscape continues to tighten, and, now more than ever, our clients need guidance on how the market will develop and where resources should be allocated.

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