Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala Features Psychedelics Discussion with Joshua Kappel

Oct 26, 2023

The Inc. 5000 Conference & Gala, the most prestigious event in entrepreneurship, is coming to San Antonio Oct. 31 – Nov 2, 2023 and features many A-list speakers and renowned business experts. On the second day of the conference, Vicente founding partner Joshua Kappel will speak on a dynamic panel focused on the future of psychedelics and how those substances can help entrepreneurs. 

The Future of Elevated Entrepreneurship 

This panel focuses on the evolution of leadership, creativity, and human potential in the new age of psychedelics. Hear from experts on how psychedelics can help your entrepreneurial journey and where they see the industry headed. 


  • Joshua Kappel – Founding Partner of Vicente LLP; Co-Founder of The Microdosing Collective 
  • Paul F. Austin – Founder and CEO of The Third Wave and the Psychedelic Coaching Institute;  Co-Founder of The Microdosing Collective 
  • Dob Farnan –  DoseConnect

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About Joshua Kappel 

Joshua Kappel is a founding partner of Vicente LLP with a passion for helping entrepreneurs and visionaries build human-centric and regenerative companies in the cannabis and psychedelic industries. 

Enthusiastic about policy, Josh also loves helping advocates draft legislation and build sustaining vehicles that will forever influence these emerging industries. Most recently, Joshua co-authored Colorado's Proposition 122, the Natural Medicine Health Act, and served as chair of the campaign committee for Natural Medicine Colorado. In November 2022, Proposition 122 passed with 54% of the vote. This historic state-wide measure creates access to natural psychedelic medicines through a regulated supervised-use model and by decriminalizing personal and communal use. In addition to a half dozen other psychedelic and cannabis measures, Joshua helped draft Colorado's Amendment 64, the first state measure to legalize cannabis for all adults.   

In addition to policy work, Joshua helps companies of all shapes and sizes—from nonprofits and start-ups to multinational corporations and public companies—navigate the ever-changing psychedelic field with a focus on corporate structuring and business practices, the intersection of state and federal law, state licensing and regulatory compliance, and general corporate law.   

Active in the emerging therapies community, Joshua is a founding board member of the Microdosing Collective—the only recognized nonprofit in the U.S. dedicated to legalizing microdosing. He currently serves as a founding member of the Psychedelic Bar Association, where he stewards the Corporate Forms and Business Practices Committee. Additionally, Joshua was a founding board member of the International Cannabis Bar Association, founder of Simplifya, and helped launch a number of other nonprofits and private companies. [View full profile] 

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