David Kramer Discusses CBD Laws In California on 'Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen'

Jun 17, 2019

David Kramer discusses CBD laws on Inside the IssuesVS Attorney David Kramer was recently a guest on the nightly show "Inside the Issues with Alex Cohen," on Los Angeles news station Spectrum 1 News. This prime-time talk show covers some of the most pressing and relevant issues facing Southern California residents by engaging politicians, advocates, and concerned citizens in a constructive dialogue. 

In the CBD-focused episode, David and Alex discuss the 2018 Farm Bill's removal hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, differences in state and federal CBD laws, the FDA's role in regulating CBD and how it is put into foods, cosmetics, dietary supplements and other products, plus what this all means for businesses who are making and selling cannabis-derived products.

Watch the video segment

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