Courtney Barnes Discusses Decriminalize Nature Oakland's Proposed Ordinance for Entheogenic Substance Therapy

Aug 12, 2020

VS attorney Courtney Barnes recently chatted with psychedelics advocate and lawyer, Noah Potter, about the draft ordinance she helped prepare pro bono for Decriminalize Nature Oakland. This proposed measure, known as Oakland Community Healing Initiative Emergency Mental Health Ordinance (OCHI), would allow Oakland, California residents to use entheogenic substances in community-based treatments provided by selected facilitators. 

This ordinance would "create the first-ever regulatory framework for healing the most vulnerable with plant medicine ceremony within community-containers," according to the press release from Decriminalize Nature. You can read more about the ordinance and view the press release in this article from Marijuana Moment.

Decriminalize Nature is an educational campaign to inform individuals about the value of entheogenic plants and fungi and the intention to propose a resolution to decriminalize our relationship to nature.

Watch the interview and read the accompanying post on the New Amsterdam Psychedelic law blog or view the video below.

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