Colorado Votes on Psilocybin: Josh Kappel Joins Higher Practice Podcast to Discuss Prop. 122

Nov 4, 2022

The Higher Practice Podcast for Optimal Mental Health, hosted by the Integrative Psychiatry Institute, recently invited VS founding partner and co-author of Colorado Proposition 122: The Natural Health Medicine Act, Joshua Kappel, to discuss the measure scheduled to be placed on the ballot on November 8.

Joshua dives into detail about some interesting nuances that make the initiative revolutionary and distinct from other state initiatives, as well as what this means for therapists, practitioners, and other facilitators.

Dr. Will Van Derveer 07:58

I’m so curious, first of all, how you got interested in this work in the first place? It seems like this goes back a while for you in your law career. You’ve been working on decrim efforts in kind of advocacy around access to natural medicines and psychedelics generally for a while. Is that right? Tell us about it.

Joshua Kappel 08:23

Well, it really depends on how far back you want to go. But I’ve had a personal relationship with different actual psychedelics for quite some time, and it sort of put me on sort of a path of wanting to make the world a better place. And I sort of found my home and doing that in drug policy. So, for the last 18 to 20 years I’ve been engaged in different forms of drug policy. How do we end the war on drugs? How do we have a public health approach to substance use? [Read the full transcript here]

Listen to the full podcast here

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