Charles Alovisetti Talks Raising Capital in Upcoming Rootwurks Webinar 'The Search for Green Capital: The Funding Issues Cannabis Companies Face'

Aug 24, 2022

Image of Rootwurks Webinar for Charlie Alovisetti, Partner and Head of Corporate Division at Vicente Sederberg LLP for Webinar titled The Search for Green Capital: The Funding Issues Cannabis Companies Face

September 7th, 2022 | 12 PM CT

With the promise of federal legalization and millions of full-time legal cannabis jobs, projections on the future of the cannabis industry tend to overflow with superlatives and a healthy helping of optimism. But even the most optimistic forecast must contend with the fact that raising private capital is still a major challenge for cannabis companies.

In this upcoming webinar titled, "The Search for Green Capital: The Funding Issues Cannabis Companies Face" from our compliance partner Rootwurks, VS partner and chair of the corporate department Charlie Alovisetti will provide his expert analysis on why raising capital can be so tricky in cannabis.

Attendees will gain expert insight on:

  • The primary funding challenges cannabis companies face
  •  The role of federal cannabis prohibition in the funding issues facing the industry 
  • Why risk-averse investors can be wary of putting their money in cannabis
  • The loan terms cannabis companies often receive 
  • Tips for cannabis companies looking to increase their odds of securing funding 
  • The role the COVID-19 pandemic played in cannabis funding 
  • The role inflation has played in funding issues in cannabis

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