Cannabis Economist Andrew Livingston Will Discuss Research Challenges in Cannabis and Psychedelic Markets at The Emerald Conference

Mar 15, 2024

On April 2, 2024, Vicente LLP director of economics and research Andrew Livingston will discuss key policy structures for both cannabis and psychedelics and why they are important to scientists during the 9th Annual Interdisciplinary Cannabis Science and Psychedelics Event – The Emerald Conference.

The Emerald Conference will take place in San Diego, California this year on April 1-3, 2024. This event is the forum for highlighting the latest research, scientific advancements, and practical applications fostering innovation in cannabis cultivation, processing, and product development.

How the Differences Between Cannabis and Psychedelic Markets Influence Scientific and Policy Research

Regulated cannabis is sold as a consumer-packaged good for at-home use, even in states that allow medical marijuana. But legal psychedelics - whether approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or permitted by state programs - are provided as part of a guided therapeutic session for on-site use under the supervision of a trained facilitator.

This difference— a consumer-packaged good versus a product used to amplify therapeutic services — dramatically influences the type of commercial markets that develop. This difference also will affect the type of data that can be collected, the number of individuals who will interact with each regulated system and the ecosystem of services available in the market.

To effectively study cannabis and psychedelic public policy and health, we first must understand the multifaceted ways that these different regulatory structures influence program outcomes.

By understanding how regulatory variables influence market outcomes, researchers will be better able to design their studies, understand the context behind public data, and structure observational experiments to evaluate outcomes and the effectiveness of cannabis and psychedelic programs.

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About Andrew Livingston

Andrew Livingston is based in Vicente LLP's Denver office, where he serves a unique role as an economist, business analyst, and general cannabis policy wonk. As the firm's director of economics and research, he assists clients with developing and expanding their enterprises across cannabis markets nationally and internationally. A wide variety of marijuana and hemp businesses look to Andrew for help navigating the regulatory intricacies that influence market dynamics, as well as to create sophisticated revenue models and pro forma for investors and to guide strategic decision-making. Read more.

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