California Hemp Company Files Lawsuit Against Colorado Hemp Seed Producer

Sep 2, 2020

The below text was originally published in an August 27, 2020 Law360 article:

"A hemp genetics company said a seed producer is on the hook for [] damages after failing to live up to the terms of a contract to harvest its CBD cultivar when it turned over a small portion of a late crop soiled by mold and heavy metals.

Exotic Canopy Solutions LLC told a Colorado federal court in a suit filed Tuesday that Eastern Colorado Hemp Operations Inc. breached a seed production agreement by refusing to turn over millions of seeds for free and repay an advance as required by the contract in the event of a crop failure.

Exotic Canopy Solutions LLC is represented by Jennifer Cabrera, Corey Cox and Michelle Bodian of Vicente Sederberg LLP."

View the full article on Law360. The story was also covered by Hemp Industry Daily.


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