Australian Cannabis Policy Webinar Will Feature Cannabis Economist Andrew Livingston

Oct 12, 2023

Vicente LLP’s director of economics and research Andrew Livingston presented in a webinar hosted by the Penington Institute on October 26 at 4 p.m. MT. The webinar looked at the relationship between community safety, the amenity of public spaces, and the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Australia.

Watch the replay on-demand here.

Global Perspectives on Australia’s Cannabis Future: Safety and public amenity considerations for a regulated cannabis market 

Panelists will explore the safety implications of recreational cannabis such as driving and workplace impairment; how to manage public consumption; and the role of advertising and promotion in regulated cannabis markets. 

This webinar is part of Penington Institute’s Global Perspectives on Australia’s Cannabis Future series, where leading experts share their cannabis policy insights from Australia and around the globe. Using real world examples and hard evidence, this series tackles the big questions about Australia’s policy model for legal, regulated cannabis use. 

The session will be facilitated by Penington Institute's Global Partnership and Engagement Advisor, Rhys Cohen. 


  • Andrew Livingston, Director of Economics and Research at Vicente LLP 

  • Dr Ryan Vandrey, Professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit 

  • Dr Gillian Schauer, Executive Director of the Cannabis Regulations Association. 


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