Andrew Livingston Featured in Upcoming Rootwurks Webinar 'No, Cannabis is Not Inflation Proof'

Aug 5, 2022

At the gas pump, the checkout counter, the car dealership, pretty much every place where Americans spend money, they’re feeling the squeeze lately. But one place where this hasn’t quite been the case is the dispensary counter. This has led many observers to claim that cannabis must be inflation-proof or even safe from the possibility of a recession further down the road.

In this upcoming webinar from our compliance partner Rootwurks, VS's director of economics and policy Andrew Livingston will highlight how while cannabis is in many ways a unique commodity, it is still subject to the market forces causing most of us to hold our wallets a little closer these days. 

Attendees will gain expert insight on:

  • What makes a product “inflation-proof,” and why this doesn’t really apply to cannabis
  • The pandemic’s effect on cannabis production and prices
  • How federal prohibition makes cannabis a unique consumer good
  • What a recession would mean for the cannabis industry
  • The particular challenges facing cannabis companies at a time of soaring inflation
  • How rising labor costs can affect operating costs at a time of inflation
  • The role of cannabis products at a time when people are watching their pocketbook

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