Andrew Livingston to Participate in Cannabis Market Economics Seminar with Informed Texas

Mar 1, 2021

On March 6, 2021, Andrew Livingston will participate in the virtual event "Economics of a Regulated Cannabis Market," presented by the nonprofit cannabis advocacy organization Foundation for an Informed Texas (FIT). 

Foundation for an Informed Texas works to provide Texans with knowledge about cannabis, the biological mechanisms, the physiological aspects and socio-economic impacts. FIT works to engage the community regarding how the legislative and political processes work and to educate legislators and staffers regarding the scientific realities of cannabis.

Seminar Details

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, Texas has to re-evaluate how we operate as a state. This includes the way we do business and how we choose to utilize resources. Our united goals are to keep Texans safe and keep our economy moving.

A growing number of states have embraced regulatory frameworks to allow for businesses to grow, manufacture and sell cannabis to those that are over the age of 21. Informed Texas will cover effective tax rates vs prohibitive rates, number of potential consumers, estimated sales per customer, job growth, revenue, criminal justice impacts and more.

This seminar will air on 3/6/21 and then will immediately be available for on-demand replay.


  • Market Size, Sales Projections, Tax and Fee Revenue
  • Job Creation
  • Criminal Justice Savings
  • Law Enforcement Panel



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