Andrew Livingston and Marijuana Policy Project Join Rootwurks to Discuss the 10 States in 3 Years Campaign

Apr 27, 2023

Can 10 More States Legalize Cannabis in the Next 3 Years?

May 17, 2023 | 12 p.m. CT

In this upcoming Rootwurks webinar, Vicente LLP’s director of economics and research Andrew Livingston will join Toi Hutchinson and Karen O'Keefe of the Marijuana Policy Project to discuss the difficulties in cannabis legalization campaigns, which forms of advocacy and campaigning are most successful, and what it would mean for the cannabis industry to have 10 more legal states just three years from today. 

In the next three years, the Marijuana Policy Project’s “10 States in 3 Years'' initiative will push for legalization in 10 states spreading from Hawaii to Delaware. The states include Louisiana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Minnesota, Hawaii, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Hampshire, covering virtually every region of the country.

Key topics include:

  • Which states are most likely to legalize in the coming years
  • What it takes to run a successful legalization campaign
  • Why certain legalization campaigns have failed (or have been successful)
  • Why ballot initiatives can be more difficult than campaigns that go through the legislature 
  • What it will take to advance legalization in more conservative states 
  • What 10 new legal cannabis states would mean for the industry as a whole

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About Andrew Livingston

Andrew Livingston is based in Vicente LLP's Denver office, where he serves a unique role as an economist, business analyst, and general cannabis policy wonk. As the firm's director of economics and research, he assists clients with developing and expanding their enterprises across cannabis markets nationally and internationally. A wide variety of marijuana and hemp businesses look to Andrew for help navigating the regulatory intricacies that influence market dynamics, as well as to create sophisticated revenue models and pro forma for investors and to guide strategic decision-making.

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