International Transactions

Cross-border transactions are becoming increasingly common in today's globalized economy, and the cannabis industry is no exception. Vicente LLP uses its deep-rooted understanding of the marijuana and hemp space to provide clients with the local and international advice they need to close deals across borders, currencies, and cultures.

The international cannabis policy landscape is shifting quickly. At least 30 countries have legalized some form of medical cannabis, and several have legalized cannabis for adult use. Vicente LLP tracks these developments closely, and we have assisted government officials and organizations around the world with their development of cannabis policies. We employ a cross-disciplinary approach that borrows from several of our firm’s practice areas — including corporate, government and policy, hemp and cannabinoids, banking and financial, licensing, and regulatory compliance — to help businesses and investors successfully engage in a variety of cross-border transactions.


Founding Partner


  • Assisting international investors in assessing the state and federal laws applying to domestic hemp and cannabis investments
  • Advising U.S. investors on the U.S. legal implications of foreign cannabis investments
  • Advising international companies on what products can be sold legally in the U.S.
  • Providing U.S. law opinions for Canadian exchanges
  • Facilitating introductions to customs brokers and other import/export professionals
  • Facilitating introductions to lawyers in international jurisdictions


  • Assisted a family office with due diligence on a Latin American cannabis investment and understanding the U.S. legal implications of such an investment
  • Assisted several Canadian public companies, including DionyMed, TILT Holdings, iAnthus, and Harvest, on investments in the U.S.
  • Advised numerous international investors on ownership and residency restrictions for cannabis businesses across several U.S. jurisdictions
  • Advised numerous U.S. CBD companies on the legal issues involved in the import and export of their products
  • Advised a Latin American cannabis company on the import and sale of CBD products in the U.S.
  • Advised an Israeli investment group regarding legal issues with U.S. cannabis investments, including regulatory compliance across several states
  • Acted as local regulatory counsel to numerous international law firms
  • Provided several regulatory opinions to a Canadian listed company seeking exchange approval for certain U.S. hemp activities


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