Grants & Loans

Government grants, contracts, and loans can be an important source of funding. There are many state and federal programs for which hemp businesses are eligible, as well as state programs for marijuana businesses. Vicente LLP is well-positioned to help your business identify these opportunities and navigate the complex processes they typically entail. We are also uniquely qualified to assist state and local governments in developing innovative new opportunities, procedures and policies. 

Application and bidding processes are often complicated and time-intensive. Our attorneys and technical writers can guide you through them from start to finish and ensure the information you provide is accurate and compliant with all applicable laws and regulations (including those that are cannabis-related). They can also assist in the event you believe a contract was improperly awarded by a government agency.

Our team members have extensive experience applying for government grants and contracts, as well as previous public sector experience drafting and awarding them. We have helped businesses excel in several of the most competitive cannabis-related application processes in the country. We know what it takes to complete applications correctly and on deadline, as well as what it takes to distinguish them and maximize the likelihood of success.


Select a category below to learn more about our Grants & Loans services:

  • Advise on requirements and application deadlines of federal, state and local hemp grants and/or loans
  • Advise on requirements and application deadlines of all private grants and/or loans
  • Provide individualized lists of grant and/or loan opportunities based on region, area of expertise, long-term goals, and specific needs
  • Assist with completion of partial applications
  • Full-service assistance with completion and submission of entire applications
  • Review prepared applications to ensure compliance with RFP and applicable procurement laws
  • Provide insight on application process prior to drafting
  • Advise clients throughout the application process
  • Develop and lobby for new grants
  • Advise on opportunities for public-private partnerships


  • Vicente LLP's licensing team has submitted applications in competitive public processes in more than two dozen states, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Advised state government officials on creation of new hemp-related grant opportunities
  • Reviewed and advised clients on numerous federal and state grants and loan opportunities
  • Advocated for inclusion of hemp as an eligible crop under federal and state grant and loan programs
  • Advised clients on eligibility for federal loan and state loans in response to COVID-19
  • Assisted clients in applying for various loans and grants


The Massachusetts Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund: What You Need to Know

By David M. Ullian
Feb 13, 2024

Massachusetts launched the Cannabis Social Equity Trust Fund to aid qualified cannabis businesses disproportionately impacted by marijuana prohibition. Licensed businesses or applicants meeting specific criteria, like Social Equity Program participants, can access grants or loans (up to $50,000 now!). Apply online and learn more about future programs before the February 15th deadline.

New Funding Opportunity for Maryland’s Social Equity Cannabis Business Applicants

By Meg Nash, Bridgette Nikisher
Feb 7, 2024

Maryland's Cannabis Business Assistance Loan/Grant Fund is offering grants to help social equity applicants cover costs associated with obtaining a cannabis business license. The program reimburses up to 50% of eligible expenses, with a maximum of $5,000. Applications open February 19th and close March 20th. Read this Insights post to learn more about eligibility, qualifying expenses, and how to apply.

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