Outside General Counsel Program

Vicente LLP’s Outside General Counsel Program caters to cannabis businesses that cannot afford a full-time lawyer as their general counsel, but still need prompt and reliable legal advice at a predictable cost. With over a decade of experience specializing in the marijuana and hemp industries, our team is uniquely qualified to assist businesses in the role of outside general counsel. Our cannabis attorneys have gained a wide variety of insights into the business environment facing our clients, and they have a deep understanding of the legal issues they face on a regular basis.

We offer our Outside General Counsel Program on a flat-fee basis depending upon the size and nature of your business and your anticipated needs. Every participant in the program is assigned to work with one of our firm's partners as their primary point of contact, and we begin with a deep dive into your business to ensure we understand your specific goals and concerns. If you would like to discuss specific legal requirements and fee structures, please contact your regular Vicente LLP attorney or send an email to Vicente LLP partner Charlie Alovisetti.


Founding Partner


The Vicente LLP Outside General Counsel Program includes advice, consultation, and preparation of agreements in the following areas of the law up to a capped number of hours per month:

  • Commercial Contracts: Vendor and supply agreements, trim agreements, processing agreements, distribution agreements and other commercial agreements
  • Corporate Governance: Board and shareholder resolutions and consents, board meetings, shareholder meetings and meeting minutes
  • Employment and HR Matters: Employee handbooks, offer letters, and proprietary information and assignment agreements
  • Initial Collections: Collection matters and demand letters
  • Insurance: Review of insurance policies, counseling on insurance
  • Intellectual Property: Obtaining state and federal trademark registrations, IP contribution agreements, employee confidentiality and invention assignment agreements
  • Licensing: Assistance with routine license renewals
  • Political Counseling: Questions regarding evolving state, local, and federal regulatory landscape for cannabis companies
  • Real Estate: Reviews of commercial leases
  • Regulatory Assistance (Cannabis and FDA): Basic FDA regulatory questions and cannabis regulatory issues
  • Regulatory Compliance: Packaging & labeling review, general compliance questions, and site visits

Clients would also have access to law firm offices for board meetings if desired.

The flat monthly fee would NOT include the following items, but Vicente LLP can work with clients of the program to determine flat fees for these projects and, with respect to specialized matters outside of our expertise, to help identify and coordinate with outside counsel.

  • Commercial Agreements Requiring Negotiations
  • Corporate Transactions and Litigation
  • Public Company Corporate Governance
  • Complex Intellectual Property Matters
  • Complex FDA Regulatory Matters
  • Complex Employment Matters and Employment Litigation
  • Employee Benefits
  • New Licensing Applications and Large-Scale License Renewals