Economics & Research

Vicente LLP's proprietary projection models and comprehensive knowledge of the cannabis laws that structure the markets enable us to offer a broad range of customizable research and analytical services that deliver valuable insights to private and public sector clients, providing them with a data-driven basis for their business or policy decisions.

In addition to informing clients' business and product development decisions, our patient projections and demand models have contributed to winning medical marijuana business license applications in many of the nation's most competitive state licensing processes, including Florida, Hawaii, Maryland, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

We have been developing detailed models to understand cannabis market dynamics since well before the nation's first legal adult cannabis sales. Our team members have spent years researching and shaping medical and adult-use cannabis markets in the U.S. and internationally, earning Vicente LLP a reputation as a go-to source for businesses, trade associations, governments, and media members seeking reliable information and analysis.


Director of Economics & Research


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  • Statewide economic projections of medical and adult-use cannabis markets
  • Demand forecasting for state cannabis programs
  • Business pro forma creation and review
  • Tax revenue projections for local governments and new cannabis initiatives
  • Supply and demand modeling to predict market capture and opportunities for growth
  • Analysis of competitor market penetration based on publicly available data
  • Growth projections for specific cannabis product categories and market segments
  • Patient population growth models in medical states
  • National research on regulatory issues facing different cannabis products and services
  • Strategic guidance identifying states and municipalities where market conditions provide optimal business opportunities
  • Epidemiological research to estimate patient statistics
  • Multilayered analysis of local governments’ zoning locations for business development
  • Research on trends for new cannabis products and services


  • Projected market size and designed business pro forma for clients who submitted successful licensing applications in more than a dozen highly competitive markets, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
  • Creating multiple comprehensive models and detailed written analysis for Massachusetts adult-use market demand, supply and licensing to evaluate entrance strategy
  • Evaluated market demand and past corporate deals to identify potential edible product licensing partners in Florida
  • Designed models to understand seasonal market demand on the island of Nantucket for successful retail store license
  • Performed in-depth corporate analysis of multi-state cannabis operators to guide strategic due diligence for potential national licensing partners


Senior Associate Attorney

Director of Economics & Research


[Webinar] Michigan Cannabis Market Trends & Economic Forecast

Oct 11, 2023

Watch this live session on Wednesday, October 11 at 1 p.m. ET. The session will feature Vicente LLP’s director of economics and research, Andrew Livingston, and the firm’s Michigan practice leader, Travis Copenhaver, as they discuss Michigan cannabis market trends and opportunities that will help your business to better adapt, strategize, and navigate changing market conditions.

Mississippi Medical Cannabis Market Update

By Colleen Mitchell, Andrew Livingston
Sep 20, 2023

It has been over a year since Mississippi began accepting applications for medical cannabis business licenses and the market has steadily grown. Now, with the residency requirement gone and the passing of a new bill that made some positive changes to the program, it is an excellent time to enter this budding market. Read this article for market updates, including the number of patients, dispensaries, cultivators and processors, in addition to new opportunities created by House Bill 1158.

Minnesota Cannabis Market Projections

By Travis Copenhaver
Jun 22, 2023

While the state of Minnesota's study on the expected size and growth of the state's cannabis industry will not be complete until January 15, 2025, Vicente LLP's Economics & Research Department recently made some general predictions about the market. Read this Insights article to dive into the numbers.

Upcoming Cannabis Business Licensing Opportunities Across the U.S.

By Jerrico Perez
May 22, 2023

Opportunities for growth across the nation are currently abundant for cannabis businesses, and our experienced team is here to help you navigate these increasingly complex and competitive licensing processes. With more winning merit-based applications than any other law firm in the country, our team’s work ethic, dedication, and experience will help elevate your application above the competition and set your business up for long-term success.

[Webinar] Restructuring Options in Cannabis: Out-of-Court Workouts

Mar 15, 2023

Cannabis businesses facing insolvency can't access federal bankruptcy courts, but they do have restructuring options. One of those options is an out-of-court workout between lenders and borrowers. Watch this Vicente LLP session to learn the practical issues around out-of-court workouts and cannabis companies.

Vicente Sederberg Contributes to APPG for CBD Products' Business Plan to Future-Proof UK Cannabis Industry

Jul 28, 2022

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for CBD Products recently delivered "A Plan for a Legal and Regulated UK Hemp and Cannabis Sector" to the UK Government. Shawn Hauser and Andrew Livingston contributed to the business plan, which offers an industry analysis and series of recommendations to create a well-regulated, multi-faceted and competitive UK cannabis industry.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Cannabis Industry

By Charles Alovisetti, Sahar Ayinehsazian, Andrea Golan
Nov 5, 2020

The coronavirus and efforts to contain it have led to changes in the regulatory landscape and consumer behavior that are likely to shape the cannabis industry moving forward. In spite of COVID-19, or perhaps because of it, the cannabis industry is thriving, and will continue to do so as long as demand remains strong and operators adhere to the rules and regulations designed to keep consumers and employees safe.

Weed Wonks Episode 10 - Oklahoma! With Dwight Clark

Feb 19, 2020

VS political analyst, technical writer, and former Oklahoman, Dwight Clark, sat down with the Weed Wonks to discuss the current nature of cannabis in Oklahoma, how its MMJ legalization drastically differed other states, and how their regulatory rollout of MMJ could shape other state's legalization efforts going forward.

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