Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a vital component of virtually every aspect of the cannabis industry, and Vicente LLP has focused on this area since the inception of the legal cannabis industry. Our firm has developed a cross-disciplinary approach that spans all of our practice areas and offers clients a full spectrum of support for all of your cannabis regulatory compliance issues or questions. We provide marijuana and hemp businesses like yours with actionable guidance on state and local laws and regulations, helping you understand enforcement efforts and empowering you to work efficiently with regulators to minimize violations, inquiries, audits, and investigations.

Our team members have been actively involved in developing numerous state and local laws and regulations, and they vigilantly track these ever-changing policies. We leverage this unparalleled industry experience and our national scale to provide you with subject-matter expertise, insights into enforcement trends, and clarity on the intent and evolution of laws and regulations. Our goal is to help your cannabis business survive and thrive in this highly complex regulatory environment. View our compliance services below to find out what Vicente LLP can do to help protect your interests.


Director of Regulatory Compliance

Director of Regulatory Compliance


Vicente LLP offers customized compliance plans to meet each client’s individual needs and budget. Our services include:

From pre-operational to operational compliance and enforcement remediation, we provide audits to assess potential areas of vulnerability, ensure conformance with regulatory requirements, and provide corrective action plans to help licensed cannabis operators promote and maintain compliance. We recommend an initial audit of your facility to gather information and inform the custom compliance plan for your operations. Then, we would set a schedule for routine bi-annual audits. 

If requested, Vicente LLP conducts on-site compliance audits on an as-needed basis or in association with transactional due diligence or an enforcement response. These audit reports will focus on any observations of regulatory violations, the risk of enforcement, and the violation’s effect on future compliance.

Inspection Services

On-site cannabis compliance inspections require approximately two hours for each license. Reporting times may vary depending on the scope and sensitivity of the information uncovered during the audit.

The following reporting services can be modified to suit your needs and budget:

Reporting Options

  • Detailed Report: Breaks down potential violations by priority; includes suggested follow-up action items; includes best practices

  • Standard Report: Includes only regulatory violations of state cannabis regulations and suggests for follow-up action items

  • Email/Meeting Follow-Up: Brief correspondence regarding the audit, with an acknowledgment to waive the full report in favor of quick and actionable guidance. Depending on the assessment of the site, Vicente LLP may suggest a full report even if this option is selected.

Inspection Add-Ons

  • Applicable Local Cannabis Code

  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

  • Occupational Health and Safety Hazards (OSHA)

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

Cannabis and hemp packaging and labeling requirements vary across markets and product types. If your business is transitioning into a new state or releasing a new product, it is critical that your packaging and labeling are compliant with the specific regulations. The Vicente LLP team can review your proposed logos, labels, and packaging and provide actionable guidance to revise them before heading to the printer.

Marketing and advertising in the cannabis industry is a challenge. In addition to state and federal legal considerations, you must also know the rules governing specific social media platforms and websites. Vicente LLP offers cannabis and hemp marketing, advertising (including social media and SMS messaging), and branding review to flag compliance concerns and potential risks based on current regulations and guidance.

To promote efficiency, consistency, and compliance in your operations, we can assist your team with satisfying regulatory requirements by developing standardized documents. Common standard documents include streamlined binder records systems, standard operating procedures, operational guides, compliance checklists, labeling guides, and employee training manuals. Our team can also review your self-created documents to verify compliance.

Creating a culture of compliance is one of the best ways to ensure compliance across your operations. Vicente LLP provides private cannabis compliance training on topics including state and local regulations, specific requirements for different license types, best practices for compliant marketing, and transitioning from medical to adult-use markets, among other topics. We can also host educational seminars on timely compliance topics to help owners and employees stay up to date on constantly changing regulations.

Have a complex cannabis compliance question? Vicente LLP works with investors, owners, key employees, and other stakeholders to answer difficult compliance questions facing licensed and ancillary cannabis businesses. Our national scale and unparalleled industry experience provide you and your business with subject-matter expertise, insights into enforcement trends, and clarity on the intent and evolution of laws and regulations. When you work with our National Compliance Team, you’ll have a point of contact to address any regulatory compliance issues that arise or ensure the proper Vicente LLP team member responds to your request.


Senior Associate Attorney

Junior Associate Attorney

Senior Associate Attorney

Associate Attorney

Director of Regulatory Policy

Compliance Manager

Director of Licensing - California

Director of Regulatory Compliance

Director of Regulatory Compliance

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