International Narcotics Control Board’s Use of “May” in 2023 Report Hints at Evolving Global Cannabis Stance

By Jason Adelstone
Mar 21, 2024

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) may be taking a more measured approach to cannabis. In their 2023 report, INCB used the word "may" when discussing potential inconsistencies between US state legalization and international treaties. This subtle shift in language suggests a more open-minded approach. This blog post explores the significance of this change in the report’s language and what it might mean for the future of global cannabis legalization.

Colorado Natural Medicine Advisory Bulletin #9: February/March 2024

By Vicente LLP, Psychedelic Alpha
Mar 20, 2024

Colorado Natural Medicine Advisory Bulletins provide updates on the implementation of Colorado's legal psychedelics program, the Natural Medicine Health Act. Bulletin #9 focuses on updates from the recent meeting of the Natural Medicine Advisory Board and listening sessions held by the Department of Revenue and the Department of Regulatory Agencies Stakeholder Engagement Meeting.

Maryland Cannabis Licensing Update: Priority Actions After Lottery Selection

By Meg Nash
Mar 12, 2024

The Maryland Cannabis Administration's first license lottery is on March 14th. This Insights post will help all applicants, regardless of the outcome, understand the next steps. Those selected will go through background checks and receive conditional licenses. Those who were not selected can retain their application for future rounds, potentially reserved for social equity applicants.

Minnesota’s Proposed Cannabis Legislation Would Provide Early-Mover Licensing Opportunities for Social Equity Business Applicants

By Jason Tarasek, Yolanda Clarke
Mar 12, 2024

Minnesota lawmakers are proposing a bill to reshape the state's adult-use cannabis market, prioritizing social equity business applicants. The bill would grant social equity applicants a head start through temporary licenses allowing them to prepare for full licensure. This Insights post highlights social equity applicant criteria, limits on the total number of cannabis business licenses, and additional details to this recently introduced bill.